PCS Shuttle Service

Executive airport shuttle service made easy.

PCS-ing can be very stressful. Our strong belief is that any military transition, arrival or departure, has to be smooth and easy. That’s where we come in!
PSC-ing to Geilenkirchen Air base, on a TDA/TDY at JFC HQ Brunssum, USAG Brunssum, or Zutendaal? That means you have probably been traveling for many hours, if not days, and you do not want the hassle of finding a taxi or shuttle bus to your guesthouse, hotel, or home. 
We will arrange a VIP pick-up at ANY airport in Europe and will drop you off at your Hotel or Guesthouse in the Tri-boarder area.

PCS-Shuttleservice.com is a pre-paid executive taxi intermediation service that will make sure you can lay back and relax while our professional drivers take you to any airport, hotel or guesthouse in and around the Tri-border area, safe and comfortably. 

VIP airport shuttle service

PCS-shuttleservice.com offers 24/7 airport shuttle transportation in style. Our experienced drivers are  dependable, punctual, and always equipped with the latest model executive Limousines or Vans. Our certified drivers will make sure you and your family can sit back and relax on your ride to or from the airport.  Your safety is our priority and your comfort our satisfaction. 

Traveling with pets? No problem! (Kennel is mandatory and bound by a maximum size)
Traveling with an excessive amount of luggage? No Problem! 

We can pick you up or drop you off at any airport in Europe. 

The main airports in our region:

-Amsterdam (Schiphol), The Netherlands
-Cologne airport, Germany
-Dusseldorf int. airport, Germany
-Eindhoven airport, The Netherlands
-Frankfurt am Main, Germany
-Ramstein Air base, Germany
-Brussels int. airport, Belgium 


Pre-paid service

All our rates are subject to Dutch tax law. All our shuttle services include 9% Dutch sales tax (VAT), unless statet otherwise.
After your reservation request is approved by our planning, you will receive an email  with our estimate for your shuttle service within 24 hours.
Should you choose to accept our offer, we will send you an official payment request per Email. 
You will be directed to our on-line payment page where you can prepay your shuttle service with all major credit cards (iDeal payment on request for our Dutch based customers).
Traveling last minute? No worries, we will send you a payment link on whats app, Facebook messenger or even text message. 

In all cases you will receive a digital invoice for your travel voucher.

So no cash payment necessary on the day of travel!